Pyrolysis oil ( TDF )

Pyrolysis oil is a widely used industrial fuel that can substitute furnace oil or industrial diesel, and it is the end product of waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis. Our pyrolysis plant extracts the oil from waste tyre or waste plastic, converting it to oil without any pollution or solid waste. The end product of the pyrolysis plant includes fuel oil, carbon black, and oil gas.

The fuel oil is mainly used in heavy industries such as construction heating, steel factory, cement factory, boiler factory, and hotel heating. It is competitive with the price of heating oil, and more and more countries are using pyrolysis oil to replace natural gas.

Pyrolysis oil is extracted from waste tyre or waste plastic by our pyrolysis plant, which is a machine that converts waste tyre to oil. The pyrolysis process does not produce any pollution or solid waste.

The oil is similar to NO.2 diesel and can be used to produce heat by direct combustion in a boiler or furnace. This application offers some companies the possibility to switch from natural gas or heating oil to a renewable alternative fuel.

Pyrolysis oil has the potential to be available in large amounts and at a competitive price. Our largest facility in the region ensures a reliable supply of this renewable alternative fuel.